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Deterministic LLMs Outputs for AI Engineers

Open-source framework for loading and structuring LLM context to create accurate and explainable AI solutions using knowledge graphs and vector stores

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Let's learn about cogneeHub!

cogneeHub is a free, open-source learning platform for those interested in creating deterministic LLM outputs. We help developers by using graphs, LLMs, and adding vector retrieval to their Machine Learning stack.





Why use cognee?

The question of using cognee is fundamentally a question of why to have deterministic outputs for your llm workflows.

  1. Cost-effective — cognee extends the capabilities of your LLMs without the need for expensive data processing tools.

  2. Self-contained — cognee runs as a library and is simple to use

  3. Interpretable — Navigate graphs instead of embeddings to understand your data.

  4. User Guided — cognee lets you control your input and provide your own Pydantic data models


This project is licensed under the terms of the Apache License 2.0.